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2013-2014 Rain Season Review and Totals

By Reginald Stanley. Posted July 1, 2014, 12:12 PM.

The 2013-14 rainy season saw a third consecutive below-average rainfall season across Southern California.

Like the previous season, Neutral conditions were present in the equatorial Pacific, and the results were abundant High Pressure and scant rainfall. However, unlike the previous seasons, none of the 19 active WeatherCurrents stations recorded a season total that exceeded 10 inches.

Even traditionally wet locations such as Beaumont (Cherry Valley), San Bernardino, De Luz and Fallbrook - all fell short of 10 inches. Some locations did benefit from last summer's monsoon, however. Perris recorded just under 2 inches of rainfall from one particularly wet monsoon in late August.

For most locations, nearly half or more of the season's total rainfall fell in a single storm over the course of three days, from February 28th through March 2nd. All other storms that occurred throughout the 2013-14 winter were sporadic and weak. January 2014 was unusually warm and dry.

Most WeatherCurrents stations recorded season totals between 4 and 9 inches. Beaumont (Cherry Valley) recorded the highest season total of 9.76 inches. Wildomar recorded the lowest season total, with just 2.45 inches. However, in another part of Wildomar, Reginald Stanley recorded 7.36 inches for the season - a difference of nearly 5 inches.

The 2013-14 rain season was the third below-average rainfall season in a row. This has put the entire state of California in varying stages of drought, with the Inland Empire varying between stage D2 (Severe drought) and stage D3 (Extreme drought), as defined by the NOAA's Drought Monitor. Central California and parts of Northern California are currently in stage D4 (Exceptional drought). The snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains was extremely low during the 2013-14 winter, paralleling a similar drought that occurred back in 1976-77.

Climate outlook for 2014-15 remains uncertain. Waters in the equatorial Pacific have been gradually warming since March, however, and continue to do so. Many computer forecast models are predicting some form of an El Nino to take shape by the end of 2014. El Nino has brought historically wet winters to Southern California in the past, as it did in 1997-98 and 2004-05. However, the very same El Nino phenomenon has also resulted in severe drought, such as in 2006-07. Other recent El Nino's occurred in 2002-03 and 2009-10, bringing average or slightly above average rainfall to the region.

The rain season in Southern California runs from July 1st through June 30th.

Here are the season totals for the WeatherCurrents network and associates:

Location 2013-2014 Season Average Source
Beaumont (Cherry Valley) 9.76"  N/A WeatherCurrents
San Bernardino 9.01"  N/A WeatherCurrents
Northwest Murrieta 8.92"  13.97"  WeatherCurrents
De Luz 8.56"  14.38"  WeatherCurrents
Southeast Wildomar 7.36"  N/A Reginald Stanley
Temecula Valley Wine Country 7.12"  N/A Jim Sappington
Moreno Valley 7.10"  9.19"  WeatherCurrents
South Fallbrook 6.99"  14.84"  WeatherCurrents
East San Jacinto 6.72"  10.65"  Monty Parrott
Anza 6.59"  N/A WeatherCurrents
South Temecula 6.27"  12.71"  WeatherCurrents
Perris 5.94"  8.11"  WeatherCurrents
Riverside (Canyon Crest) 5.52"  7.09"  WeatherCurrents
French Valley 5.25"  N/A WeatherCurrents
East Hemet 5.22"  11.16"  WeatherCurrents
Riverside (Presidential Park) 5.06"  N/A WeatherCurrents
Simi Valley 5.02"  N/A WeatherCurrents
Menifee (Sun City) 4.99"  7.65"  WeatherCurrents
Jurupa Valley 4.98"  N/A WeatherCurrents
Lake Elsinore 4.32"  10.68"  WeatherCurrents
San Diego (City Heights) 3.71"  N/A WeatherCurrents
Wildomar 2.45"  9.85"  WeatherCurrents

Note: Season Averages were only given for stations with at least five complete years of data. Even these averages may be skewed from many dry years or unusually wet ones, and should not be interpreted as the actual average rainfall for those communities.

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