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Storm Totals: February 1st-4th, 2019 (updated)

By Reginald Stanley. Posted February 5, 2019, 12:31 AM.

A series of storms impacted the region over the weekend, continuing into the following week. The most significant rain fell on Saturday, February 2nd.

Continuing a series of moderate rainy periods since late January, another Pacific storm approached the region late Friday night, bringing significant rain, wind and mountain snow Saturday. Most WeatherCurrents stations received between 1 and 2 inches of rain on Saturday alone. Following the passage of brunt of the storm Saturday afternoon, widespread showers continued well into the night and into Sunday morning. Showers had become far less common in the region on Sunday, with the majority of the Inland Empire recording less than 1/3 of an inch. Simi Valley, northwest of Los Angeles, recorded a more modest total of 0.70 inches.

An additional low pressure system slowly moved down the California coastline Monday, resulting in more showers and a lower snow level around 5,000 feet above sea level. Unlike the previous storm, where storm totals were largely consistent - the unstable nature of Monday's storm produced highly variable totals across the entire WeatherCurrents network, with a number of communities recording substantially different totals only a short distance from one another. Two prominent examples included WeatherCurrents' stations in French Valley and East Hemet, both recording the same exceptional total of 1.34 inches on Monday through 9 PM - while relatively close stations such as that of the independently-run Central Murrieta station (approximately six miles west of French Valley) and WeatherCurrents' station in San Jacinto (approximately five miles northwest of Valle Vista in East Hemet) both recorded amounts of 0.42 inches and 0.32 inches, respectively. Those are differences of 0.92 inches and 1.02 inches across only six miles.

Cumulative storm totals from February 1st through 12 AM on February 4th varied, ranging from as high as 3.36 inches in Simi Valley, to a mere 1.10 inches in San Jacinto. Additional totals included 2.73 inches in Temecula Valley's Wine Country (courtesy of Jim Sappington), as well as 2.72 inches in East Highland (courtesy of Peter Michas). WeatherCurrents stations in Riverside (Orangecrest), San Diego (City Heights), and Wildomar remained offline during the storm.

Here are the rain totals for the WeatherCurrents network and associates:

Location Fri-Sat Sun Mon Storm Season Source
Simi Valley 1.96"  0.70"  0.70"  3.36"  12.27"  WeatherCurrents
South Fallbrook 1.86"  0.26"  0.98"  3.10"  12.62"  WeatherCurrents
De Luz 1.45"  0.23"  1.23"  2.91"  14.29"  WeatherCurrents
East Hemet 1.26"  0.14"  1.46"  2.86"  11.37"  WeatherCurrents
French Valley 1.06"  0.16"  1.51"  2.73"  10.06"  WeatherCurrents
Temecula Valley Wine Country 1.44"  0.26"  1.03"  2.73"  10.78"  Jim Sappington
East Highland 1.42"  0.38"  0.92"  2.72"  13.10"  Peter Michas
Lake Elsinore 1.50"  0.05"  0.72"  2.27"  13.25"  WeatherCurrents
South Temecula 1.20"  0.10"  0.90"  2.20"  10.33"  WeatherCurrents
Beaumont (Cherry Valley) 1.20"  0.28"  0.68"  2.16"  10.21"  WeatherCurrents
Pinon Hills 1.72"  0.02"  0.38"  2.12"  8.62"  WeatherCurrents
Northwest Murrieta 1.33"  0.04"  0.60"  1.97"  9.43"  WeatherCurrents
Moreno Valley 1.00"  0.32"  0.41"  1.73"  8.58"  WeatherCurrents
Anza 1.35"  0.07"  0.27"  1.69"  10.05"  WeatherCurrents
Central Murrieta 1.08"  0.06"  0.44"  1.58"  8.33"  Reginald Stanley
Perris 0.85"  0.05"  0.45"  1.35"  7.45"  WeatherCurrents
Riverside (Presidential Park) 0.96"  0.07"  0.30"  1.33"  7.88"  WeatherCurrents
San Jacinto 0.75"  0.03"  0.32"  1.10"  7.22"  WeatherCurrents
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